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 New Faction and Race leaders

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PostSubject: New Faction and Race leaders   Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:54 pm

Most of the factions require a leadership change.
This is how it will be from now on, I have permission from Kyra to shoot anyone who disagrees with this.

Sheriffs Department:
Leader: DeRon Ellis
CoLeader: Ariel Virai

Emergency Medical Services
Leader: Daniel Wilhelm
CoLeader: Alex Montgomery

Fegarri Pedia
Leader: Victoria Strauchen
CoLeader: Karla Alderman

Leader: Niklaus Corvin
CoLeader: Lucia Bourne and Nicolas Djordjevic

The leaders for the two supernatural factions are also the race leaders.
Both Races (Besides Leadership) are going to be wiped. I will explain why in another post.

R.C.S has been removed.

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New Faction and Race leaders
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