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 La Familia Michoacana + The Connection

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PostSubject: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:02 pm


Chapter 1

In the mid of 2011, Cesar and Cruzito were working together really hard to earn reputation at Los Santos, but things never went good. They took a wrong step, and then members of a gang called Los Aztecas were searching for them, to kill them.
So they packed up their stuffs and quickly moved to Palomino Creek because Cesar owned a house there.
While they were heading to Palomino Creek inside a car, one of the Aztecas members shot Cesar's car. Cruz was wounded in the arm.
Luckily, he's still alive.

Chapter 2

Things were getting interesting, they were getting used at Palomino Creek. Chilling in the street with some new friends was the usual activity.
Then Cruzito looked at Cesar, saying that he was out of money. Cesar nod his head once.
He later went to the Bank with Cruz to withdraw some money and give it to Cruz.
Cruz was really embrassed but. He promised that he would pay back.
While they continued walking back in the street, a black Burrito stopped infront of them and there were 3 masked men inside.
They were armed, no one knew them.
They spitted out this word "Money or die!" as they attempted to rob Cruz, Cesar, along with the other friends.
Cesar and the others had nothing to do, so they gave the theives all the money they got.
Cesar went really angry while looking at the robbers getting away with their money.
At the same day. Cesar planned to rob a 24/7 store at Palomino Creek but Cruz refused at the moment.
When Cruz inserted his hand into his pocket and found there was nothing, he slowly nod his head and said.
"Well okay les' do this together, Casper."
Cesar cracked a smile on his face to Cruz, and Cruz smiled back.

Chapter 3

A few days later, everything was set really good. They also had a gun, and baseball bat.
They took a Tornado to go to 24/7 store.
When they were heading there, Cruz noticed a bunch of thugs in the street.
They had a lump cash in their hands, standing with hot chicks. Cruz ignored them and headed to 24/7.
After they have arrived, they put on a mask. It was in the mid-night where's there were no people in the store.
But there was only a cashier.
Cesar slowly opened the door and quickly took out his gun and aimed it at the cashier while Cruz headed to the back of the cashier and knocked him out.
The cashier didn't have enough time to scream but there might be cameras around.
Cesar quickly ran to his car and turned on the engine when Cruz was filling the bag with money from the counter.
They went back to the house without any signs of cops after them.
The car probably got recorded but not the plate number. They already blocked something so the camera couldn't clearly see it.
The next day, they had to spray the car with a different color to prevent being suspected by the police.[/color]

Chapter 4

Again, they chilling in the street like usual.
One of Cesar's friends noticed a Burrito who robbed them a few days ago, pointing his finger to that direction.
They just passed by Cesar and others.
Cruz and Cesar swiftly pulled out their guns and shot the van countless times. Again, the van escaped.
Looking for them around might give a pain in the ass, but they had no choice instead of chasing them. They searched for the Burrito around Red County
They thirst for revenge, but unfortunately they didn't find the robbers.
They went back to Palomino Creek, disappointed.

Chapter 5

Few months swept by, Cruz and Cesar watched the news on TV, they heard about about Grove Street Families.
From there, both of them had the same idea in mind.
They wanted to open an illegal business in order to not be disrespected by anyone anymore. They wanted to be respected like GSF.
They planned to open an organization named La Familia Michoacana. They are focusing on selling drugs and guns. They wanted their nick-names to be spread around Red County, although looking for the guns might be a little problem for them.
Their plan was engraved onto stone. It is to be one of the richest and strongest among gangs in Red County.

Chapter 1

The Countryside Connection was created by three Villians of Palomino Creek.
It was a cold night in Los Santos,San Andreas Where Kate Jones was walking home from the job in the hospital.
All of a sudden a yellow car rushes down the street and run's over Kate.
Back at Palomino Creek Nick got a call from his dad saying Kate was heavily injured.
Nick was rushing to the hospital followed by his friends Bishop Bourne and Aaron Lee.
Back in the hospital everyone was hoping the best for Kate but she didn't survive.
When Nick was preparing her funeral Bishop and Aaron tracked down the guy that ran her over named Carlos Mendez they tortured him and killed him but not before burning his body.
After Kate's funeral Bishop Aaron and Nick have decided to make a criminal family that could supply other criminals with guns drugs or anything that's is in the gang.
also being trained hitmans.After all was agreed they decided it was time to set up the family , Nick soon Left the connection , and it was time for Zohan to take over.

Chapter 2

Zohan Was searching for a guy in the Town.
He talked with a guy named " Antonio". Zohan hired Antonio to do the task.
Zohan gave his card to Antonio and goes back at his mansion. Antonio went to Zohan's mansion and searched for Zohan .
Zohan gave Antonio weapons to do the task. Zohan said to Antonio " Kill this guy first , later is the reward."
Zohan gave Antonio a picture. Antonio walks away and goes at the bank and looks for a high building.
Antonio went at the top of the building and get his sniper out of the box.
Antonio found a man with body guard. Antonio aimed the guy and looks at the picture.
Antonio aimed the man on its head and pulled the trigger.
Antonio dropped his sniper and drop a time bomb beside the sniper and walks away. Antonio was 10 miles away from the building then the bomb explode.
Antonio went back at Zohan's mansion. Zohan Throws the envelop to Antonio full of money. Antonio Happily goes back at his apartment and sleeps.

Chapter 3

Antonio goes at the Italian restaurant and ordered some food.
Antonio sits near the window. The waiter gave Antonio's order and Antonio eats it.
Antonio saw a black car. Antonio stopped eating and goes outside of the restaurant and looks at the guys at the car.
Antonio see a guy with guns on their back and pointing the bank.
Antonio ran towards his car's trunk and get his deagle. Antonio goes at the bank door.
Antonio see's the guys is going inside the bank and attempts to rob it. Antonio saw the guy and his cellphone starts to ring.
Zohan on the phone : Thats the guy the mafia boss , Attempt to kill him that is the 2nd task for you.
Antonio goes at the bank and aims the guard near the door and pulls the trigger the mafia boss mob lookded Antonio and the guards starts to shoot Antonio.
Antonio run going at the back of the bank.
Antonio see's a little door and kicks it. Antonio hides at the door and see's the mafia pass the door but Antonio see's the mafia boss stops.
Antonio aims the mafia boss and pulls the trigger.The guards goes back to the mafia boss but they see the boss is lying at the ground.
the bodyguard see's a time bomb . The guards shouts " Run! " the time bomb has explode and Antonio ran away and going to Zohan's mansion.

Chapter 4

Zohan gave Antonio the reward and started a conversation with him.
Zohan asked him if he wanted to be the left hand of this connection? Antonio agreed then Zohan gave him 40% of his money to Antonio.
Zohan told him to Hide it and its was his duty to care about the connection. Zohan walked away.
After that day the connection complete 10 task and the Police is annoyed because of the connection.

Chapter 5

After some months , After the Connection was famous , Antonio started to become greedy and one day ,
He betrayed Zohan and became the leader of the connection , Soon the police called up their force as they went to Antonio's house and arrested him , the Connection got separated and Went out.
Though he thought That Zohan is dead but actually , Zohan went to London for some reasons , Soon Zohan came back to the city , as he heard about that the Countryside is dead. After that he decided to Re-born the CountrySide Connection.
Soon days after Zohan found his brother Aaron and they both setup for to make the Countryside Connection better than before.

Chapter 6

It was getting Weird now , Almost none had interest in the Connection but a Ray of Light came when Zohan recruited members but they left out,
CSC was low on members which Made Zohan to think about it and So he decided to Get
some members and Found a Man named " James Phelps " He was very good at his Skills and Zohan gave him the title " Left Hand ".

2 factions, both not contented to the power they possess. 2 friends, both seperated by the divide of 2 factions. Leeroy and Casper were former business-partners. Leeroy part of the Connection, while Casper was in his Familia. On Febuary 24, 2012, Leeroy gave a call to Casper to schedule a meeting with his Familia. The tensions were high. Noone knew if there was going to be a shoot-out between the factions. The meeting was held in a small cabin in the blue-berry farm. Noone was there, only the 2 factions face to face with each other. Zohan was right beside Leeroy and Cruzito was beside Casper.

Everyone was ready to shoot, untill Leeroy broke the silence with the words '' So I heard you were leading a new Familia.'' Casper slowly nod and replied '' Si, Amigo', I heard tu' also remade da' ol' connection.'' Aaron looked at Cesar with a grin and said, '' I am, that is why I wanted to have a talk with you. I know you are not contented with the power you possess right now. I know you Casper and I know nothing is enough for you.'' Casper replied '' Haha! tu' know me too well Leeroy, so tell me amigo', what's your plan?'' Leeroy cleared his throat and said '' I was planning that we Coalesce the 2 factions make a much more powerful, and larger faction. What do you say? We can all work together.'' Caasper rubbed his chin for awhile then looked around. He later on replied '' Hmmm... Sounds good to me. I mean, how can I refuse an offer from my former business-partner, ah 'ese?'' There was a smile on both of their faces. They had a feeling that this will we a very successful faction. Thus a new faction, a new begging, a new legacy.

In Character
If you've agreed to join us, you would be taken to the hood and told some of the rules.
1. Respect all the members.
2. Listen to someone who has more power than you, especially the leader.
3. Don't do something stupid that might get us into gang-wars.
4. Don't disrespect the cops, listen to them to keep works clean.
5. Never ask for promotion.

Out Of Character
1. Don't talk in /b too much while Roleplaying.
2. Respect all the admins.
3. Follow all the server rules, don't try to disobey them.

Whole Members of the Cartel, Do not MG this.
1. Cesar " Jefe' Casper " Rivarez
3. Aaron " Leeroy " Lee
2. Cruzito " Jefe' Cruz " Rodriguez
4. Zohan " Dee " Benzke
5. Max " None " Addams
6. Vadmin "None" Smert
8.Miliray " None " Tucker
9. Pax " None " Xavier
10. Mike " None " Kakalov
11. James " None " Mcay
12. Jake " Cross " Cross
13. Tom " None " Andrew

Ranks of the Cartel
Rank 6: El Jefe
The leader of the gang, the job is to control everything in the Familia

Rank 5: The Right Hand
The work is to make sure everything is in order especially when El Jefe is not around.

Rank 4: Respected Soldier
A Trusted Member, you've proven to high ranked member that you won't disappoint them.

Rank 3: Soldier
A member that has ability to control low-ranked member.

Rank 2: Drug Supplier
A member that will be paid by The Right Hand to import some drugs, and then give it to El Jefe.

Rank 1: Drug Dealer
A new member of the Cartel which has interest to join the Cartel, they will be given some works.

We do businesses such as selling any type of drugs, and guns.
Not only that, we have lots of thing to do, you will be told by the high ranked-members ICly.


All factions that are not in the list


Screenshots of our Rp will be posted here!

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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:28 am

Good luck..
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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:43 am

Another one of those drug cartels..
They seriously don't fit here.
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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:19 pm

Think about it. The drug cartels in America are in small towns, such as Palomino.

Where else are people going to store drugs and handle business. A large ass city? Not smart.

Good luck with this.
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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:18 pm

Suave wrote:
Think about it. The drug cartels in America are in small towns, such as Palomino.

Where else are people going to store drugs and handle business. A large ass city? Not smart.

Good luck with this.

Thanks for your feedback guys. But Sean, if you don't like this can you go play somewhere else? I'm sick with this.

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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:06 pm

DeRon's right about this, more place to plant W333333D

Good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:28 am

Faction dead.

Locked and archived.
Forum PM an administrator if you wish to have it back.
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PostSubject: Re: La Familia Michoacana + The Connection   

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La Familia Michoacana + The Connection
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