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 Beatrix M. Rothstein: "Prometheus"

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PostSubject: Beatrix M. Rothstein: "Prometheus"   Beatrix M. Rothstein: "Prometheus" EmptyMon Apr 02, 2012 2:45 am

The birth of Beatrix would be the beginning of a prosperous end to the Rothstein family tree. She would be the only of 6 children to live past their 3rd month of life. It was 1790, near the beginning of a brand new century for the young United States. It would be the year of other firsts--the first US Census, the first State of the Union Address, the first petition for the abolition of slavery, and the US Patent System is created. Countless opportunities were being paved for the entire nation, and for the future of the newly born Beatrix. However, the young woman she would grow to be happened to be far different from the child she had lived as. Robert and Marie Rothstein were very short of being priveliged, without much to give unto their daughter but tender care and the necessities of life. The family owned a small farm plot not far from a larger city, but one slave, who had a close bond with the family due to their substantially fair treatment despite his current societal role. For a long time, Beatrix accepted the different yet kind man who stayed and helped around the home as nothing more than a best friend. The two would often spend time outside while he entertained the small girl with songs and dance, when all the work was done.

When the time came, Beatrix was sent to school. Her parents had been awaiting this moment since before her birth. They had specifically put money from selling old American Indian artifacts for this purpose, and made use of it the day their daughter was of age. Beatrix herself was rather excited to finally meet and play with other children of her age, and attended the freshly constructed Shelly Elementary School in 1795. Upon becoming immersed within the simple studies placed upon her, Beatrix found something other than companionship to excite her...knowledge. The isolation of her family's cottage had deprived her of any opportunity to read, write, or expand her vocabulary. She found the concepts within books before her enthralling once she was taught to understand them, and ended up spending much more time with attent to a novel or newspaper. By her thirteenth birthday, Beatrix had ultimately surpassed her peers' intelligence, and was reccommended to proceed to the next level of education immediately.

Unfortunately, money had yet to become any less of a problem for the Rothstein home. All of their lives they had been only getting by, and had found their daughter was a potential genius, yet were not able to supplement her growing mind. Beatrix's realization of this caused a heavy rift in her relationship with the two who had gotten her where she was. She realized how pitiful her family was, how their slave was always below her, and how she was meant to be ten times the girl she was then. For nearly a month, the young girl of the household lived with disdain for her family and scorn to her slave. It was soon after an angel appeared before her.

Mr. Howard Hunter, a self-proclaimed expert scholar, discovered Beatrix upon hearing of her exceptional learning ability throughout her previous years. With reluctant yet swift permission from her parents, the man looking to be approaching his thirties brought the little Rothstein overseas to England to become his private student while he served as a professor at Cambridge University. It was the answer Beatrix had been looking for--the esteem of greater knowledge and greater status. Under his custody, care, and teachings, she grew to be accepted at the university of which he was employed by the tender age of sixteen. It was there she studied philosophy and divinity for a total of eight years, earning up to a PhD by her time of final graduation.

Beatrix was a woman now--free of the binds her former position as a peasant girl, and was now a young woman with one of the highest educational honors possible in her time. She was truly to be considered one-of-a-kind...However, her freedom was not what her new guardian had in mind.

Grateful of his graces, she attended one final dinner with her benefactor Mr. Hunter. In truth, she had begun to see him as more than just her elder and educator, but even as a love interest. She found several qualities within him that fit her interest; sincerity, kindess, compassion, generosity...Despite his age outnumbering hers significantly, the still-single Mr. Hunter had enough to catch her eye. This attraction was just what the man needed to get close enough to the still-naive college graduate. Close enough to bite.

That night, Beatrix became a Tremere.

He cursed her with an endless life of murder and suffering. She would lose everything she had to her name now--she would have to throw it all away for the immortality she was to deal with.

At least, that was how she felt at first.

Her body died, yet her mind lived. The strongest part of her would become a dangerous weapon, after being given near-limitless magical power. As long as someone else's blood would flow through her veins, Beatrix would gain all the destructive powers of the fictional wizards she had read about so many years ago. Upon revealing himself as a Regent in the area, Mr. Hunter resolved to teach Beatrix even more, now in the ways of Thaumaturgy upon completing the fabled Transubstantiation of Seven ritual. From the beginning, the man revealed to be a vampire had viewed Beatrix as the exact sort of person who could contribute to the well-being of the entire clan. While few Tremere embraces are ultimately successful, he had seen the easy lure for power within Beatrix long ago, and resolved to make her the newest addition to the Apprentice's ranks.

It's been nearly 200 years since then...what purpose does Beatrix serve now?
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Beatrix M. Rothstein: "Prometheus"
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