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 Marcus "The C" Campbell

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PostSubject: Marcus "The C" Campbell   Marcus "The C" Campbell EmptyFri Jan 13, 2012 8:47 pm

Being born

Marcus was born,as soon as he was,his mother suffered pain.She was having heart problems,They had to perform an operation.But it was hopeless...She died,Marcus was born without a mother.His father tried to take care of him,but he was a gambling addict,he gambled every cent away.They were poor.His father didn't have time or effort to take care of his son,he was on drugs.He died when Marcus was 8 years old.

At the age of 16

Marcus was expelled from his 8th school he was in,He couldn't study as his foster parents refused to look after it for him.His only option was stealing and he started beating up fellow hoodlums and took their illegal money.He got himself into a Drug Pen as a home.He then started to work for fellow drug bosses,and started to interupt drug deals with homies,While his homies started shooting the buyers and sellers,Marcus snatched the drugs and cash,He always recieved 25 % of the cash.He used it for a living and to buy Bikes.After another 5 years of work.He got himself an own home.

"The C" aged 21

Trough the 5 years he was doing crimes starting 16,He got himself in worse crimes,Serious theft,Burning places,Armed Robberies Etc.And he didn't always get away with it.He served 3 years in prison for getting caught while doing a robbery.At The age of 24,He left Los Santos for another town,He went for Red County,And started doing robberies,He is on coke,And it sometimes affects his attitude towards friends.He is now aged 28 and Continues his life as a criminal....

To be continued.
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Marcus "The C" Campbell
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