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 Civilian Guide for EMS

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Civilian Guide for EMS SNEMSBanner1

[center]Civilians Guide

Civilian Guide for EMS 2e6cuas


So many are problably thinking "Did he have to make another one?" or "Is this a joke?", And the awnser is no I'm not. Since I have written my last guide I have noticed a dramatic increase in RP occuring when it came too robberies, alot more people complied and bit their tongue instead of running away or logging off. I figured since civilians are somewhat new to RP when they join VHRP (though some aren't) I might as well make different guides for them to remember and memorize, and I think it seems to be working quite well.
This guide is to teach civilians about the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) since most newcomers don't really know what to do when they dial 911, most of them insist right off the bat for a heal. Quick note, I know most of the regular people that play on VHRP know this already, I am fully aware of that, this isn't meant for you it's meant for Civilians and newcomers to give them clue on what goes on within the city and how to enhance their RP experience.

About EMS

Throughout the country side you will find many people engaged in different services, some legal, some not-so-legal. The two main and official services in the city that are well known are the Police Dept. and EMS. EMS is a service provided to help the citizens of Palanimo Creek and its surrounding areas, and also to enhance your roleplaying experience as well as aiding an injured\sick person who needs medical attention not just a quick heal. Remember, in real life if you call 911 and ask for paramedics you don't ask them "Heal me" when you first see them, of course that would mean that have "God-like" powers, and on the server no person is supposed to have god-like powers. Here are some tips on how to carry out the call that starts the roleplaying scene of your choice.

Placing the call...

How do i place a call?
Simple, take out your cellphone and do "/call 911", once you have done that you will be prompted by the dispatcher to provide the nessasary information that the Medical personel will need. The dispatcher will ask for your name and such remember, when you are on the phone and typing your information try to type your best with little grammatical errors and be specific as possible when giving your location. When giving your location make sure you are somewhere that is easily accessible to large vehicles (ambulances).

I have placed the call and told to wait, now what?
Okay, you have placed the call now it's time to RP the medics arrival, be sure after you place the call to 911 to do the injured animation (/injured). When waiting for the ambulance remember to be patient and maybe grab a few bystanders attention to get them to help with the RP, it's always fun to include as many willing people as you can, try shouting that your hurt or need help that will most always attract attention. While waiting remember that it may take a moment for an EMT to show up, sometimes they are already on a call or busy or maybe even just afk. Once you have done this simply wait for the ambulances arrival.

EMT's arrival...

I see the ambulance!
Great! this means a medic has responded to your call and is now going to aid you with your RP situation. When you see the ambulance approaching don't get up and move remember you are injured and aren't able to do as you please as if you weren't injured. When the ambulance has safely parked just wait, alot of people tend to get impatient when the medic doesn't aid them as fast as they can, if the medic is still in the ambulance when he\she arrives it could mean they are calling for assistance or providing information to other medics in the area about the situation.

Make way!!
One of the things people don't take into consideration is the right of way to EMS, when an technician arrives tell your friends and on-lookers to step aside while the medic aids you, not clearing the way could cause frustration and confusion which is something that could damage the RP scenario.

Medical personel are assisting me
When a medic approaches you will be prompted to state your situation and what is wrong, be sure to be specific for example don't just say "I got in a car accident and my hand hurts" be sure you are precise on what has happend, tell the medic exactly what hurts and exactly what happend. When you are approached you also may be prompted to get in the ambulance right away to go too the E.R or you just may be asked to get in the back of the ambulance. To get into the back of the ambulance simply go too the back doors stand very close too them and tap "G". Depending on what has happend the medic may furthermore aid you in the back of the ambulance, you may recieve stitches, painkillers, etc. Remember to comply and RP the situation correctly besides it's always fun to be somewhat the center of attention. When you are rushed too the E.R you may recieve surgery and such so just be prepared, if you don't want to RP for long make up a short scenario where in real life you wouldn't be hurt too badly, if you do decide you want to RP for awhile tell the medic a scenario where in real life you would be close to or almost dead. Also, remember when you are being assisted do a few /me commands such as /me Screams in agony due too the pain, /me Shrieks at the site of wound, this will help boost your RP experience. Once you are cleared of your injuries you will be told you are okay to proceed on with living your live so to speak, and if you are rushed too the E.R you may be asked to stay at the hospital under supervision until you are okay to leave.

Yield the right of way to emergency vehicles
Please remember when a call goes out to EMS personel their main goal is to get to the caller as fast and safely as possible. For a start civilians please park your cars on pavement this is vital, If an ambulance is in a hurry you may only here one announcement over the megaphone before you're bashed upside down, but you cannot blame the person driving the ambulance you can only blame yourself. When an ambulance is approaching veer off onto the concrete in a swift but safe manner and wait for the ambulance to pass before putting all four of you wheels onto the paved road. Be careful, sometimes when there is one ambulance there are many more following to get to the call, all you can do is listen hard. Please also be advised that in accordance with being an EMT we are in close communication with the police department, so if you don't park your car correctly you may be forced to park it correctly, so why not just follow the rules instead of getting a hefty fine? Always remember all emergency vehicles have the right of way so show some respect and pull over and let us pass.
((Thanks to Redgie for making this up, a genuine copy for this server in specific is being made))

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Civilian Guide for EMS
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