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 David Reese

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Name: David Reese
Quote: You want to take me out of the picture ? I'll take you out of the fucking frame.
Origin: American
Age: 35 (200 years old )
Hobbies: N/A
Character Story:

Chapter I - David's Early life

David Reese, son of Sarah and Edward, born in the lovely state of San Andreas, where the people are smiling and the sun is always shining.
Back in the day when David was young, at the age of 21 he was a fresh resident at ol' Palomino Creek, He was not known of his Wolf genes or the supernatural world, but he had urges and went to the forest for some reason, "It just pulls me there".
He went to medical school and on from there to apply for the EMS, after a few weeks of nervous feeling of being denied from it, the chief hand him a letter to report in the hospital for the interview.
The interview went successful and young David quickly got into his uniform and out to the town to begin his duty.
He was quite successful in it and enjoyed his time in treating people.
A bright Sunday came on Palomino Creek and David saw a cruiser up at the forest, he thought to go there and see if something happened that required his medical treatment, He saw an officer aiming a taser towards a Wolf and shooting it with it, the poor wolf fall down due to the electricity of the taser and knocked out.
David was scared of the Wolf but also felt worried for it, he did not like animals suffering, he asked the officer what happened that he tasered the Wolf, the officer shrugged and said "It came to close to me, I had to detain it down".
David frowned and waited for him to leave, he then reached to the Wolf and treated it's taser wounds and trauma, the Wolf was quite thankful but still scared of David, thinking he will do the same to her as the cop.
He treated her until she was fully healed, The two started to bond and be quite good friends as the weeks passed by.
David always came to give her a small snack from time to time, he even spent time with her when he was off-duty.
The stronger the friendship between them was he was more protective about her, even risking his job to make sure no harm was done.
On a Wednesday noon she finally revealed her true self, a part human part wolf person, David was quite shocked and almost passed out to find such thing true, he thought his owns eyes betrayed him, seeing what he usually read in books and sees in movies.
She confessed her secrets and told David everything he wanted to know about her, David was quite okay with it after a while but he then started to have feelings for her which caused him to think he will lose her due to those feelings, yet he was wrong.
On a Saturday evening he finally gathered courage and told her what he feels for her, she was flattered and nervous at the same time but she told him she had feelings for him as well.
The two quickly became a couple, protecting each other from the dangers of this world, this was going on for quite a long time, 3 years or less.
But then David's life started to fall apart, he quit his job and was on deep depressions most of the time, She did not know why cause he never told her.
The relationship between them started to slowly fade until finally, David left her, from there he was never found.

Chapter II - The Turkish hunters

David fled to Turkey to live there away from his problems and depressions, he lived in the streets with having only his backpack and a few sandwiches he stole from a diner.
He met a few friends there that slowly helped him out and let him crash onto their home's couch, He was thankful that they saved him from the cold streets.
They started to tell him about themselves, a secret society that wishes to end the Vampires in Turkey, basically hunters.
They did not know he was a Werewolf, and he wasn't intent to tell them at all, yet he joined them in the hunt.
David, a Vampire hunter, quite ironic since he had a few Vampire friends in his life, but it didn't stop him from going on a hunt to kill them.
Saturday, A day which David would have avoid if he could, He went with his hunter friends to an inn which was owned by Vampires to kill them all, they believed it was the main head quarters of the race in Turkey.
The door there was locked, "probably a meeting" one of the hunters says, they went through the bathroom windows and geared up with weapons, they stormed in and was amazingly outnumbered, there were more than 10 vampires and they were only 5, they made their greatest mistake in entering it.
They fought as much as they could but they finally submitted to death and embraced it.
David was laying there, dead along with his friends.
While the vampires were going to the basement to find mops to clean the mess, a stranger came through the window, he seems to followed the party of hunters.
He took David's body outside to an unknown place far away from the city, he used a special necklace and a ritual to convert David's soul in the necklace until he finds him a suitable body.
Once he transferred David's soul to a body, David breath in a shock way and started to panic, not knowing where he is or what's going on.
The stranger explained he has followed him since he noticed him in the forest, where he formed and hunted a meal for himself, he knew he was a werewolf and the stranger revealed himself as an elder werewolf that gave him a second chance.
David doesn't know what he is speaking at all, not knowing anything.
The elder made him come with him, he preformed a ritual that gave David his memories back right before he was killed.
He announced that his friends are dead and he cannot stay in Turkey and keep fighting them, They are too powerful for him to fight with and they will know he got reincarnated and will kill him again and this time it will be permanent without returning to this world.
David thank the Elder by giving him his jewel, his most prized items.
The elder nodded and let him go to his life back away from Turkey.

Chapter III - New David

Traveling along Europe, David was low on equipment and on food, he needed to find a job to do.
Sadly no one wanted a homeless person in their shop, he was drawn to dirty kill contracts via few merchants that offered food and drinks for him if he will kill their targets.
David had no choice, it was either kill them, or die from hunger, he started to find this so called "job" the only way to survive in europe.
Months, even years that David continued on this job and he changed, behavior of his started to be rude and killing seems normal to him, some say he even smiles when he ruthless killing a person, making them die slow so he can enjoy seeing it.
It seems he has fallen to evil ways as the job affected him within the years, he became to be known as "Cold hearted", more and more contracts began to address him to finish off people.
On a Thursday morning, Police have raided his apartment, searching for any signs of him, but they were too late, he was gone.

Chapter IV - Arrival

David ran away from Europe, came back to US by using boats and crossing boards illegally, He finally came back home, Palomino Creek, but is it the old David ? no, he seems changed and nothing like he was.
People didn't know who he was but he knew their names from his past life, He got to meet his old friend, Sean.
Told him his life story and everything, Sean decided to give him the opportunity to lead his pack with him, David accepted his offer but he didn't rule it quite well, he was giving tasks that were quite harsh for the pups, he rarely talks to any of them and keeps his mood bad when they talk to him.
He found out his old love is still living her, which made his attitude calm down a bit, but when he realized she was married and pregnant with Fegarri's pack leader, his old ways came back, jealousy and rage overcame him and was already planning on killing them both.
He is yet to do so cause she is always reminding him his past which calms him down and he lets go of that thought.
No one really knows how David is handling it, he's always discreet and mysterious.
Will he eventually kill them and accept the wyrms ways or slowly come to his senses and live on with life.

Chapter V - Growing Evil

David has started to show signs of Wyrm, he began to torture people for the slightest reasons, He is killing people with slow painful deaths with no mercy what so ever, His atittude changed along with his aura, many werewolves and vampires could feel the wyrm inside him, it has slowly became more great in his body, around 30% of it is already tainted, Sean became nervous and did not know what to do, he offered David help but he rejected it, Now with his recent bad news of Raven leaving it seems he is looking to get revenge on an unknown target and even more angry than before.
Sadly, if David will not recieve help any time soon, His mind and heart will surrender to the Wyrm and let it control him.

Chapter VI - The Cleansing

A bad day for David, maybe the worse he had, The wyrm was almost in fully control of him.
Hearing the news about Raven from Lucian, saying she left him and gone to a better world, David gone to search for her and surprised to know it was a lie.
He then was furious on Lucian for giving him such lies and the Wyrm gave him commands to kill him for such thing, he searched for him and until he found out they were in a yard with Raven, Brix and Sean, David launched towards him without thinking about the consequenses of his actions at public in his form.
The fight went on without Lucian trying to fight him, he instead went for Raven that was injured near a tree, David continued bashing him, biting scratching, until Lucian ran to his house with Raven, where he was gonna heal her, yet David didnt let him and continued to fight him in his house.
He injured him and when he was about to kill him, he was shot at his back by Sean and sliced with a silver knife on his leg, they conquered him down and Sean cleansed David with a ritual to get the Wyrm out of his body.
Sean succeeded and woke David up, David didnt knew a thing from what happened and was explained back in the inn, he went to apoligise towards Lucian but Lucian seemed to not care or listen.
Now David seems like his old self, some say even better, "I wont let this Wyrm get over me again" he said with pride and thank Sean for saving him.

Likes: Being the inn Keeper.
Hates: Lectures.
Relationship Status: Single.
Criminal Record: Unknown.
Usual Behavior: He tends to be normal at the times.
Tattoos: Right arm, full sleeve of tribal tattoo.
Scars: None.
Tribe: Unknown
Breed: Metis

Auspice: Philodox
Companion: A brown female bear named Yula.
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David Reese
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