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 Fernand Capasian

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PostSubject: Fernand Capasian   Fernand Capasian EmptySat May 19, 2012 1:26 pm

in the 1st Of March 1985,Fernand_Caspasien was born in los santos near the ammu-nation in market , Fernand Caspasien was living with his mother [Caty] His father and his twin Alessandro , Fernand family is a rich family , Fernand and Alessandro had every thing they wanted during their child hood , Alessandro and Fernand went the same school and the same class , they were a good students , they had beautiful days in the school and they love'd it , Years later, they went to a high school near their house , Fernand and Alessandro were in different class's they both had other friends to know , Fernand's dream is to be a good cop in the future , he was a good student he didn't smoke like his other students, his friends forced him to smoke like them , but he ignored them, his friends were smoking drugs in the school... Fernand went to study because he want to get good marks in his exam, in the last year exams he did good and he Succeeded with good marks , he choosed to enter the police academy , and he was Succeeded in the Fitness test , he entered the police academy it was hard for him from the Beginning but it's fine for him in the end, now Fernand has done the police academy his parents were happy for him , Fernand went to Palomino Because of some family reasons , he bought a house there , and now , Fernand went to the San Andreas Sheriff Department and he's applying to join the force , Fernand got accepted and he's very happy at the momment! , he's waiting for interview , and now he's knowing more people in Palomino Creek , he love'd his life in the town and now Fernand collected some good money and he went to the dealer ships and bought a Ford GT ((Cheetah)) he's very happy and his brother Alessandro is very happy for him and thinking to apply to join the force with his brother , his brother now took the application and he's filling it up , Fernand wished him the best..
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Fernand Capasian
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