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 EMS Radio Codes and use of Megaphone.

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EMS Radio Codes and use of Megaphone. Empty
PostSubject: EMS Radio Codes and use of Megaphone.   EMS Radio Codes and use of Megaphone. EmptyWed Jan 18, 2012 6:46 pm


EMS Radio Codes and use of Megaphone. Lrg_EMS_emergency_medical_service_logo

Everybody knows that the Government uses radio's. So you can guess that the E.M.S uses radio's too. But what you may not know is how we use our radio's. This will be explained right now.

Type of radio and technical information:
The E.M.S uses the new: Philipz C140 radio's.

Usage of the radio:
All paramedics are equipped with a radio placed on their belts. To talk fast and efficient we use radio codes. This will keep the channel free and avoid long conversations. We also have a button to connect to the main radio channel. Named: the Departments channel. This is a channel where all departments can talk with each other. It's mostly used in calamity's and trainings. But it can also be used when a plane crashed or in small accidents to inform other emergency services.

Radio Procedure:
The normal procedure to talk of the radio is like this:

81, 28, What is your 10-84?!
28, 81, 10-84 is 4 minutes
81, 28, 2081 out*
28, 81, 1028 out*

15, 13, Code 0 i got a S6 here! 10-108! Need you here now!
13, 15, 10-1 loud, 10-84 2 minutes! SU5 out*
15, 13, 1015 out!

35, 11, 10-52 need something from the Burger Shot?
11, 35, 10-4 give me a big Shotter menu please
35, 11, 10-4 anything to drink?
11, 35, 10-4 a coke please.
35, 11, 10-4 10-84 10 minutes, SU13 out.
11, 35, 10-4, SU2 out.

/d EMS here requesting contact with the SD.
/d SD here go ahead.
/d Im under attack! Small riot here at the Palomino Bridge! They surrounded my vehicle!
/d SD here how many people do you see?
/d I guess around the 40. I need assistance.
/d 10-4 we are sending the riot unit. Stay calm.
/d 10-4. EMS out.

Out. at the end of the conversation means that the conversation is over. You mainly communicate by saying your own number and the number of the unit you need. Like 10, 12. Also on answering. On our own radio channel we use all our codes which you can find under this text. But on the department radio we don't use any codes. So its just 10-4 and that's about it. So don't use our codes there since they wont understand it. Every department has their own codes. This radio handling is efficient, fast and organised so the channel stays free and is not used for dumb reasons.

Radio codes:
Status 1 / S1 [ON/OFF] (Duty)
Status 2 / S2 (Cruising / patrolling)
Status 3 / S3 (Available)
Status 4 / S4 (Unavailable)
Status 5 / S5 (Situation under control)
Status 6 / S6 (Situation not under control)

10-0 (Radio test)
10-1 ([LOUD/SILENT] (Responding)
10-2 (Arrived on the scene)
10-3 (Negative)
10-4 (OK or Acknowledged)
10-5 (Repeat)
10-6 (Stand-by)
10-10 (Activity update)
10-12 (Emergency Official in danger (officer, paramedic, fire fighter))
10-13 (Emergency Official down)
10-14 (Need police backup)
10-15 (Need an ambulance)
10-20 (Location?)
10-22 (Need a firetruck)
10-24 (Stop transmitting)
10-30 (Resuming duty)
10-31 (Returning the HQ)
10-42 (Taking a short brake)
10-55 (Victim ready for transportation) { Usually followed by a 10-31 }
10-58 (Need a pickup)
10-66 (ETA / Time of arrival?)
10-67 (Refueling vehicle)
10-100 (DOA (Dead on Arrival)) { Usually followed by a 10-55 + 10-31 }
10-101 ([TIME OF DEATH] (Victim died) { Usually followed by a 10-55 + 10-31 }
10-109 (Attempted/Suicide)

Radio Priority's:

CODE 0 - All on/off duty units have to respond to this call Lights / Sirens ON!
TOP Priority(Mostly Calamity)

CODE 1 - Respond to this call: NOW, Lights / Sirens ON!
HIGH Priority

CODE 2 - Respond to this call: As Soon As Possible, Lights / Sirens ON IF NEEDED.
MEDIUM Priority

CODE 3 - Respond to this call: As Soon As Possible, Lights / Sirens OFF.
LOW Priority

Using the Megaphone:
Wrong way to use the megaphone:


Correct way to use the megaphone:


Megaphone usage:
Megaphone's should only be used when the Paramedic gets stuck in traffic or a vehicle driving in front of the paramedic is holding the paramedic up and needs to make place. It can also be used for events and evacuating / clearing an area out.

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EMS Radio Codes and use of Megaphone.
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