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 Linnea Tveit

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Linnea was born to a Swedish family in 1985,She was raised in Stockholm, Sweden. She was the youngest of four children, with having three older brothers. The eldest was Arik, who was 6 years older than Linnea, then there was Albrikt , who was 5 years older, and Torbjörn who is was the youngest of the three guys, and was only two years older than Linnea.

Linnea grew up with Swedish being her first language as it was used at home all of thetime, and English as her second, which she started learning at the age of seven through school. She attended the International School of Stockholm from preschool, up to grade nine, then changed to Kungholmens Gymnasium and completed her schooling years there, when she completed that she spent two years at the Swedish National Police Academy in Sörentorp.

At the age of twenty-one, Linnea started working for the Rikspolisstyrelsen, she was based in her hometown of Stockholm, At the age of twenty-two, her grandfather passed away, and left a large inheritance of money to her, and her three brothers. She used her share of it to move to America, after buying a place in a wealthy section of Los Santos, she got herself a job with the Los Santos Police Department. After working with them for a few months, she had gone from Basic English, to almost fluent in the language. She continued to work with the Police Department, gaining her way up the ranks, to the position of Captain. Both the police and the citizens respected her. After working with the LSPD for four years, she had started hearing rumors about the Red County Sheriffs Department, and how badly they were doing. After talking with the Chief of the LSPD, He had agreed to let her transfer to the RCSD.

Linnea moved from Richman in Los Santos, out to Dillimore after the transfer from the LSPD to the RCSD had been passed through successfully. She spent a few days, getting used the people, the area, and the surrounding towns.
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Linnea Tveit
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