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 About EMS.

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About EMS. Empty
PostSubject: About EMS.   About EMS. EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 4:45 am

Alright, Now that I know that... this forum WONT be moving..

Please give me some time while I adjust a few things, I'll also be Modifying the Current EMS system, Changing SOME ranks and Some things with ems.

The Application format WILL NOT change. So.. Its On the Board..

Also. The Roster=On Standby.

As it stands At this Moment.. Current, Active, EMS Members wont be Kicked out. I only ask for.. Perhaps a pm that says that you are active and such.

Now, PLEASE, Please please, Dont hate me for what Im doing.. (At this time I've Paused my Subscription to the Gym for a day, Aka I wont go, Pay-per-month) And During this time... I'll be Modifying a few things with EMS.

You will not see what the Changes are UNTIL, I am Finished with them.
I have the Stuff on my Computer, so.. dont say that I Am not Doing crap. I am doing crap.

IF you cannot find the App. Then please wait. Currently waiting for something..

Eh.. since this forum is Only Temporary. please wait.
-EMS Management

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About EMS.
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