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 OOC + Money issues.

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OOC + Money issues. Empty
PostSubject: OOC + Money issues.   OOC + Money issues. EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 5:54 am

Okay, this is getting very frustrating.

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you do IG is IC and IC only. You are not to go OOC at all.
The only people allowed to be OOC are Administrators with good enough reason.
Obviously OOC chat is fine, when kept to a minimum.

But I was only mucking about with my friend!

No, that is still OOC. All OOC actions are punishable and will be strictly enforced
even more from now on. This is a Roleplay server, Roleplaying being playing the role of a character.
You remain in the mindset of the Character you are Roleplaying.
If you wish to OOC about, punch each other etcetera etcetera..

Log off and join a DM server.


The amount of people who are transacting money from one of their accounts to another is
rising. Let this be clear You are NOT to transfer money without Management permission.
Doing this runs you the risk of being permanently banned from VHRP all together.

There is no excuse from now "Oh.. I arranged it IC". That is metagaming for a number of reasons.
Which brings me back to the OOC action point - If you want to dick around, then sure.. go dick around

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OOC + Money issues.
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