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 EMS Rules and Regulations.

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EMS Rules and Regulations. Empty
PostSubject: EMS Rules and Regulations.   EMS Rules and Regulations. EmptyFri Jan 13, 2012 5:40 pm

Rules and Regulations.

1. If you're a recruit, ask for higher ranked person to patrol with you. Meaning YOU will assist him and sit in the driver seat. If no one is available, ask an admin for permission to patrol alone.

2. You may not take a laboratory coat if you're not not a doctor or surgeon or educated to perform a surgery.( Meaning you Cannot become the Doctor skin if you cannot do surgery and such.)

3. You may not take Rain-dance without being tested to fly, Or Bad reasons.(This includes: Just to chill and to have a lol. ONLY the Admins Determine what is allowed. End Of Story.)

4. NO CORRUPTION!!! - This rule will be enforced.

5. Strictly no guns on duty!(cuz ya lose them EITHER way.)

6. EMS Rancher will be used for higher ranked personnel.

7. Joining a department you must meet it's requirements. No exceptions will be done.

8. No Random Deathmatching and shit. Do it and you're outta here.

9. IF you are Banned. Or get banned. You will lose Your EMS Forum, And IG privileges, Until Such a time that you are Unbanned.

10. If you are a Wolf, Or Vampire, you may NOT use the EMS Items for your own personal needs.(Like heal or whatever, Use the EMS Vehs for Vamp/Wolf Transport.. Unless the situations are.. Life-Threatening situations.)

11. IF you have to go AFK for... a week or two. Send WILHELM, AND SMT, a Private Message asking to keep your stuff saved.

12. No Rp-sex ON DUTY, Do that stuff OFF duty.

(More Rules will be added. For now these are the Current Rules.)
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EMS Rules and Regulations.
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