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Creekside Roleplay
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PostSubject: [SYSTEM]Murder   [SYSTEM]Murder EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 6:47 pm

Alright, from now on I'd like to ask you all crazed serial-killers,murderers,unlucky chaps that accidently killed someone,witnesses and victims to PM me this sheet filled in order to get some proper roleplay from the good side, victims feel free to PM me whenever you get RPKed in an obivious place such as the back alley of Palomino, the nearby forest, a hole in the ground, open field, shallow lake/river and such, as long as people could be able to notice the corpse then it's alright.I'd like to note that for a corpse to really be there ICly for police/EMS to find and examine both the murderer and victim must PM me the sheet filled.In case if there were multiple victims, all of them must PM me the same sheet filled.In case if the victim isn't able to send me the PM, you can provide me with SSs of the roleplay.Make sure to add enough detail in it.


[b]1.Weapon/s used:[/b](It's obivious what you must add)
[b]2.Corpse appearences:[/b](Here you must put the aproximative age of the victim,internal and external wounds,clothing,skin pigment color,scars and such)
[b]3.Surroundings of the scene:[/b] (Here you must note if the crime inflicted the surroundings. . .Mention unusual objects scattered around such as cigarette butts,bullet shells,empty cartridges,weapons,blood and where is it,pieces of clothing and such.DON'T FORGET TO ADD ANYTHING THAT CAN BE FOUND IN THE CORPSE'S POCKETS!)
[b]4.Date:[/b] (The date when the RPK/CK had place, it doesn't have to be exact.  . .Add atleast the month week and day)
[b]5.Proof of the crime: (Not necessary if the victim's going to PM the sheet filled, if the victim isn't able to PM you have to add here SSs of the roleplay or a small chatlog)

Witnesses can also PM me this. . .I'm sorry for it being rather messy, feel free to PM me with any advice or improved version.
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