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 James Mcay Character Story

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James Mcay Character Story 41814_25045728055_2008_n

James Mcay

Well i was born in rome Ehh.. rome is Beautiful City I was living in really good house and i had really good life my Father was bussinesman , owner of restourant Ili Piccolo Paradiso my mother was Surgeon.

Part I-The Begining

I was 5 years old when a child borned in our family. She was named Michelle. When we grew and when we have ended school our parents have sent us into Cambridge university, we were learning, but when we came in Italy out parents planned to send us to America, los santos, but when we arrived we saw a guy which was aiming a gun towards a guy. Michelle took out her phone and called on 911, we were waiting but before cops came to the place, criminal shot the guy into his face. Criminal had a gun, it was python.357. He shot the guy once.. michelle ran at the gas station and she told the people that somehting was happening at the alley, people rushed into the alley but it was clean.. criminal ran away. After that me and my sister ( Michelle ) went to our uncle's house at Vinewood. That was our first day in Los Santos.

Part II-Starting life in Los Santos

When we arrived to Los santos 3 years later my mom started to work at the hospital, and my father started a new business. He has built new restaurant at Santa Maria Beach and named it Ili Piccolo Paradiso . My sister decided to begin working into Juristic company and I finished Cambridge varsity but no one needed me, no one accepted my business require, but one day everything have changed. I met one man his name was Martin, we were friends. We decided to find business together and one day we were invited from the construction company, they wanted to drag us in their business, payment was high and we accepted this offer. We were working there for 5 months,then the company was closed because the director was caught for money machination and was linked to criminal organization and once more me and my friend left our job.we've done everything to find new job but... Nothing after 3 day my father told me I have called at several places and found 2 vacancies. first for service manager and second for his helper. I gladly agreed,me and Martin started to work to this company and got enough money to start a life without anyone.at last Martin left work,he wanted to be a medic.He passed tests in LSES and was accepted.

Part III-Car Crash.

After this one year have passed. Unfortunately there happened terrible car crash near Idlewood, where died my mother. My sister became nearly mad when she heard about this horrible story. This was very big lose for our family. On funeral ceremony came loads of people. Friends and relatives of our family. On that day was very bad weather. Very strong wind was blowing and rain was coming, but we were standing there for love of our mom. She was respected by all people who was standing there with us

Part IV-Love in Me and my sister's life and break hearts

After this , when few time passed I met Kimm. I fell in love with her. When I was looking at her my hear was beating stronger and my breath was getting frequent. After few time I was informed by her that she was regnant. I was very happy and soon married on her. In all for meridge I payed 40,000$. Everyone thought that our family will e the best family on earth,but soon everything have changed. Tragedy has happened. My wife lost baby from car crash. I was stressed when I heard that terrible news and wanted to kill myself. After few days Kimm left me and divorced with me. That was another hit for me. That was terrible time for me. Firstly I lost my mom and then my wife left me. I was on my nervous and was fighting with everyone. Started drinking alcohol daily. But as always time took all bad things with it,so I started new life,but unfortunately met Kimm. We have talked about out past life and I was shocked when she told that she wanted only my money. Than I got on more hit from life,when I heared that my best friend Fabio Denaro wanted ro marry on my sister Mitchelle. I wanted to kill him,but something stopped me. Than fortunately they were divorced and I decided to kill my sister's former husband,but Mitchelle stopped me as she still loved him. After all this hits we got that we shouldn't cry on our past and we must start new life.

Part V-Going to Army

After this all I wanted to do something really important in my life I wanted to Serve for my country I joined USA Army Rangers after 2year and two war [Iraq/Afghanistan] I get offer to join Special Force Green Berets I accepted it well that was really hard for me everyday we was training and waiting for came back in action everyday was fight every hours but my soul did not died I was strong like rock after 60Succesful mission and 3year I retaired now I was Retaired USA Army Sergant I did not wanted to came back in Los Santos so I choose another side for life andd that was Red Country I bought really nice mansion here and I joined Red Country Police Departament.

Part VI

After this all i'v realized this all was about controling humans the cops the army.. why were fighting in Afganistan? in Iraq for protect what? our Country? nah.. it was all about politic and oil... i realized everything was fake they was controling us i left the SASD and choose another side the dark side why?... becouse i want freedom everyone wants freedom i choose side of freedom now i'm soldier without army.. after two year Jamed dissepeared in LS...

Part VII-Getin' started.

Were siting infront of table me.. Robert and Ricardo.. Ricardo was a boss of Downtown Crime Family.. we was scared.. afraid to die.. it was so foggy weather.. two Range rover was waiting for us.. after 5minute of Sillent he start talking...

Ricardo:Guys.. I believe yo' know how it's workin'
Robert:Sure ricky
Ricardo:I'm tryin' to destroy everyone who will disrespect me Robby you know that..
Robert:Yeah i know.
Ricardo:I wanna give you and your boys a job.. your crew is best right now..
Robert:Thanks what is it?
Ricardo:Negros stealin' our white snow from big trucks yo' know what i'm sayin'
Ricardo:you have to take em' down they need show some respect I got order from new york to keep this shit in bussines.
Robert:Sure Thing ricky.. i will not let you down.
The word what he said means "kill em' or we will kill you" after this day were start getin' ready to do this.. colling people and telling them to "come at our club we gotta talk" after ten phone call on safe line everyone was here.. Robert and his brother start talking..
Robert:Listen up fellas we got order from high level they want to let us kill some negros
Unknow:Then let's do it whats the plan?
Robert:We goin' inside we shooting at everyone Just get your guns ready fellas.
Unknow:Okay then let's do it.
We start geting ready our cars we took off plates we just reload our guns and arrived to their place we was scared but noone was saying that.. everyone was hiding it in their minds and hearts.. we just break in and start shooting to everywhere males.. females.. teenagers.. kids.. whoever and whatever they all died.. then one of our guy find a jackpot... two package of cocaine.. and ten grands.. we just took it and ran away from house.. after one week we had meeting to Ricardo at that time we're siting infront of table.. me.. Robert.. and Silvio (his brother) Silvio was holding Gray Suitcase.. he just entered the room
Ricardo:Did you done what i said to you?
Robert:Yeah Ricky.. it's done no whitness.. also we got little present..
Silvio just open the suitcase and turns it to Ricardo bullya.. there was a ten grand and two big package of caocain.
Ricardo:Very well.. then i got surprise for ya' guys..
Robert:What is it Ricky?
Ricardo:New york needs a guys in town named Palomino Creek people callin' it PC.. i offer em' best what i got over here so you have to move on PC.. then you will start new bussines over here.. you know.. White snow.. and crystals..
Robert:Sure thing Ricky i will get my boys ready and yeah.. take this what you come with.. for new bussines..
Thats how our Crew become a bigger and bigger we was doing bussines inside PC.. people was calling us Downtown crew.. from 10 guys to 30guys drug dealing to become a drug lord.. life was good and money was bloody


My daughter was comming back from School.. my fella Jake picked up her.. we was having Dinner everything was fine i was happy.. then i told her to go in her room.. after ten second i heard shotgun bang.. then tear gas inside my house.. i ran to second floor i stop my breath for around five or ten second.. i told my daughter to hide.. she was hiding.. it was horrible day for me.. then i lock the door and grab mine Beretta M9 from drawer.. then i get under the bed and i were hiding.. hiding and waiting.. waiting to shoot someone.. then bang.. the door get crushed i heard someone said "Flashbang!" i closed my eyes and tried to avoid Flashbang effect but still i was half blind after all i start randomly shooting toward the door bullyea.. two cop was on the ground but still they just opened surpressing fire toward the wall like blind dumbfuck rednecks.. one of them falls on the ground due the gunfirepower.. then one of Officer realized that i was under the bed thats really funny.. then they arrested me like old dumbfuck cop style.. ehh.. in prison.. thats really fucked up.. i get arrested.. it was about time.. noone is untouchable..

Part-IX-Old Connections

After long time i meet one of my buddy from Miami.. his name was Tony people was callin' him Sawn off.. eh.. he was like blowfish.. noone was messin' with him.. he was untouchable.. i meet him on Pier then we head to sea with my Yacht... we start talking about our bussines.. two our guy was with us
Dantist:Yo' know why you're 'ere right?
Sawn Off:Ye' pal.. let's talk about some bussines..
Dentist:let's me enjoy yo' connection again let's rule this place pal..
Sawn Off:Nice offer fella but what yo' got..
Dentis:a place with bunch of Drug addicts we gonna drug em' they will pay.. also the dumbfuck farmers who gonna buy bunch of motherfuckin' guns from everyone who will offer em'
Sawn Off:feel yea' i think i'm in..
Dentist:but remember Ricardo gonna start traffic Cocaino in Palomino we gotta deal it.. 50percent to him 50percent to us it's a easy cash Ton'.. also i got some connections in Military Cartel yo' know..
Sawn Off:soo like Los Santos yeah?
Dentis:Yea' pal but thing is get changed.. at this time.. no limits..
Sawn Off:Gatcha' we gonna do big bussines fella like Los Santos..
then i looks up to new guy who was listening us all of the time i told him to sit down in front of us.
Dentist:This is not a game kid.. keep your nose clean.. be a good one... and follow the rules..
Then we head back to Pier everything was good.. we was starting a new bussines without limits... it was our time... Drug trafficking... Armas dealing.. but still FBI was on my back i had to watch every mine step.. every word becouse we can just get arrested for talkin' about crime.. but still there will be no limits at this time.

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James Mcay Character Story
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