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 Nick "Sweet" Jones

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Nick Jones is an Afro-American gangster and official leader of the Grove Street Families.He has 2 brothers named Robert Jones and Dwayne Jones.Robert died in 2007 due to suicide.Dwayne is still helping Nick out on running the gang and keeping everything thight.

Being Born:

1986,The hospital was busy as another mother got a son.Nick was born on the world and was raised by his mother in Ganton,Grove Street.His life as a baby wasn't the easiest as Grove Street Families was already a formed gang that was under leadership of his dad,Patrick Jones,His father didn't have much time to look after him as a baby and was always busy running the gang.Nick's baby years kept going like this untill he was 8.

Nick Jones,at the age of 8:

Nick was already 8 years old,In 1992,A lot changed.His father was become older, and thus weaker to fight the rival balla members, Nick wanted to help his dad out as his mother died in 1990 because of Cancer,Nick's father was responsible for him and his 2 brothers, Because he couldn't have time for the kids he introduced them to the drug ghetto,Something Nick always tried to stay away from.But,He has no choice to,no education,no school life,but having to spent his childhood supplying the stoop dealers and collect their cash.The years passed and Nick and Robert were growing older.Nick's dad was starting to get sick of a brain tumor.Nick didn't hope it would come to this so the co-leaders of the gang had to take care of the Grove because the father was mostly sick in bed due to his disease.The co-leaders didn't care that Nick was 12 years old.They gave him an Uzi and easily pulled him into simple gang wars,Where they learned him do drive-by and shoot.Nick never wanted to get into this circuit and wished he could've just gone to school like all the other kids in town.But there was no other hope to live than that.Nick never will forgive himself if something would happen to his brothers or anyone he cares about.He would sacrifice his life for that of his brother if needed.

Nick Jones,at the age of 18:

The years passed and the gang life kept going.A massive gang war was about to break out on the streets of Los Santos and Nick,Robert and Dwayne had to compete in the gunfight,against their will,but because it's their duty as gang member.However the Grove was hit that bad,that Nick's soon to be dying father had to come and help.The shootout gone worse and Nick's brother were shot.They started the car and waited for Nick and their dad to come.However the area was still full of gangmembers but Nick used courage and shooted untill his ammo ran out.Then he had to leave,He shouted for his dad to come,and he managed to enter the car,on the way to the hospital the brothers were saying the Grove will need to re-build urgentley as they had to many setbacks as it is.Due to them being so busy they did not notice their father was shot in the back,Robert that was sitting in the back noticed their father as shot and they were rushing to the hospital,because they were prepared to do anything to save their father,The hospital was 5 streets away and Nick rushed trough the streets to made it....But it was to late,Their father died of injuries and didn't make it.This was a great setback for the brothers.They were lost and stranded.They buried their dad in the Los Santos Graveyard.In the meantime their other brother CJ came back from Liberty City to attend the funeral.However Nick was not happy at al with CJ's return because he was not there for the gang when they were in need of help.Nick swore himself to continue what his father created.Ganton,Los Santos were their territory the had left,the rest was taken over by the balla's and the members were in need of more recruits.Nick kept searching town and ran into Big Smoke.A new gangster that arrived in town.Smoke has proved himself for the past 6 years and introduced Ryder to the gang as well,With CJ,Sweet,Smoke and Ryder as leaders and Dwayne and Robert as co-leader leading the Grove families on.

Nick Jones,at the age of 24:

It was a cold night during the wintertime in 2007,Nick and all the homies were sleeping untill some gang member named Tom Boegs rushed into his house and warned him about Robert,that was on the Ganton bridge trying to jump.All the homies rushed out the their houses convincing Robert not to jump.No one seems to have succeeded.But Nick started telling about their childhood,how Robert helped him into the ghetto's,teaching him the ropes and showing him what's smart and dumb.Nick kept talking all night to convince him,Which he succeeded in.Robert was about to step off the bridge but didn't notice a Balla was behind him.The cowardly Balla shot him in the back and caused him to fall off,Leading to his death.Nick was deeply horrified by Robert's death and couldn't sleep for about 3 weeks.And couldn't handle himself at all.He went insane.And started to work his frustrations out on the members.Then Nick started using the drug crack and was about to drown himself into the Santa Maria Sea.Untill he was hold up by Dwayne who brought him to a mental hospital.Nick needed therapy for about 4 years.After these 4 years,he was released and was up and ready to continue leading the gang.

Nick Jones,aged 28

2012.Nick successfully took over Los Santos with the help of his homies.He had a great imperium but only for a few weeks to a month anymore.The SWAT Team has decided to raid the house.[For a detailed story of this read the text under CJ and Sweet on the faction page].The homies were about to leave but CJ was shot by the SWAT team and buried in the Los Santos Cemetery.The homies headed out to Palomino Creek.To re-start their life there.

[Please comment on the story,but do consider it's hard to make up a decent story for a leader of a gang]
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Nice one bro, keep it up.
If you roleplay the real Sweet.
Maybe you an use this video.

Bad quality but this was some project of Rockstar or something..
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Nick "Sweet" Jones
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