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 !Banzai!Car Magazine for the Car lovers!

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!Banzai!Car Magazine for the Car lovers! Empty
PostSubject: !Banzai!Car Magazine for the Car lovers!   !Banzai!Car Magazine for the Car lovers! EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 1:13 pm


Two Tuned Cars found abandoned at Las Venturas Airport!

Tuned cars found in Las Venturas airport were discovered hidden by a Airport Checker, by the Cars Model,Color,Parts and such on, LVPD thinks the cars belong to Two of the most Illegal Famous Racers from Japan. Hiro and Kiro Liang, also known as the Dragon Racers, by the San Andras Profiles police found two files that seems match to their old ones, Hiro and Kiro Griffin.As now, for the Car lovers we will show their Cars, and please send your toughs about them by sending a letter to 5297,Banzai Building, San Fierro((Post Reply))

Kiro Car:*Red Tuned Lexus, No Paintjobs*
Hiro Car:*Orange Paintjobbed Tuned Nissan 350Z*
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!Banzai!Car Magazine for the Car lovers!
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